International Full Truck Transportation

International Full Truck Transportation

We are specialised in international shipments of full loads to countries of the European Union.

We load and unload in the Levante area of Europe. Our main routes currently include direct destination in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Italy among other European countries.

International Transport Groupage

We offer the international service of partial load of groupage transport to satisfy the demand for international shipments of smaller volume. We optimise shipping costs without grouping your cargo with that of other customers who share the same route, which result in not having to manipulate the merchandise upon arrival, making for a smoother and more efficient delivery.

We optimise our clients’ shipping costs on each route, adapting to different needs to offer the best service at a competitive price..

GPS tracking of merchandise

Our fleet of trucks has intelligent systems for tracking your merchandise, from the moment of receipt at origin to delivery at destination. Through the customer service department you can be informed in real time of the status of the shipment.

We prepare the customised delivery plan for your merchandise, contact our customer service department so that they can offer you the best logistics solution.